Who Am I & Why This Blog⁉️

This can be a very interesting 🤔 question. There are so many layers to who I really am. I’m 53 years young, a mom, grandmother, sister, friend and married to an amazing husband……BUT there is so much more to me‼️ I have endured almost 40 years of some type of trauma such as having a physically, mentally and sexually abusive father, many violent relationships, human trafficking, & sexual assault. But these thing don’t define who I am, instead it has shaped who I am today.

Am I perfect? Far from it….I deal with mental illness and physical illnesses. I have triggers, trust issues and there are many times my perspective can be skewed due to my experiences. I can be loyal to a fault, I have a huge heart ❤️ and love the underdogs. I’m a fighter, a survivor and thriver.

So, enough about me. Why did I make the decision to create this blog⁉️ That’s an easy one…..I created this blog to help others know they are not alone. I struggle with trauma, loss, church hurt, health issues, PTSD, and now starting a major journey with my weight. Over the last few years I have struggled with weight loss no matter what I have tried. I am willing to share my struggles, hurt, pain, wins, & happiness in order to give others hope. So if you feel broken beyond repair, bruised and busted you are in the right place.

Now…..let’s get this thing going…

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