Welcome 2020

Welcome to 2020!! I am so glad 2019 is a thing of the past, it was a pretty rough year for me but I made it through. Last night was the first time I ever went to sleep way before midnight on New Years eve, but the last couple of days were absolutely horrible and honestly, I needed the rest. Hubby cooked us an amazing steak dinner, I cleaned up and then it was time to relax which is exactly what we did. One of my guilty pleasures is the skin care products I use. Everything is all natural and is hand crafted by my amazing sister, Trisha Hall, creator and founder of Dream & Water Skin care. So yes, I pampered myself last night and it was definitely well deserved.

I’m not the type of person that makes those New Years resolutions because they don’t last, but I do like to set goals but the funny thing is, I haven’t even set my goals for this new year yet. I do know one thing, I want to be a better person than last year…Not that I’m a bad person but there is always room for growth. And as I am sitting here typing this post goals are popping into my head….go figure, lol!

I am a consultant for Paparazzi Accessories and I am addicted to that $5 BLING but over the past few months I haven’t done anything with my business, I kinda fell off track but I can always get back in the game. It is a lucrative business and the jewelry sells itself but I also need to put the work into it. This is one of my goals for this year, to be consistent with my business because let’s face it, JOB’s are not always guaranteed. As a matter of fact, my current job assignment ends the 27th of this month, which I’m very sad about but I knew when I took this job it was only for 11 months.

That takes me to my next goal…finding a job that I will enjoy, pays well and I can retire from. I still have about 10 good years to put into a company before I retire. And before you even ask, yes I have been putting my resume out there. I have been applying for jobs on various sites and I am pretty sure I will get some interviews after this holiday season ends. I will keep you posted with that.

One of my biggest goals and I know this is the cliche for so many people but it is a goal….losing weight. I have tried for the last few years to shed these 75+ pounds but it seems I keep gaining. I have struggled with my weight most of my life but I have never been this big. My doctors have been on my case about my weight and how it will help my other health issues yada, yada, yada. I give them that look of “Duh ya think I don’t know I need to lose weight?” So, I am making a huge step towards that goal….I am researching the Gastric sleeve. Now wait, before you judge me about that, hear me out. I already know I will still have to do work, eating better, supplements, exercise, etc and I am ok with that. I am willing to do that but I do need that extra help. Nothing I have done has worked and both my parents were obese so it may be a genetic thing….who knows? What I do know is that I am tired of my bones hurting, tired of the pain nobody sees but I feel from Fibromyalgia, having no energy and yes the plus side to it is I will look better too. Yep, I’m doing it for my health and my ego. There….I said it!! You will be on that journey with me as well.

Now this one I am really struggling with…..finding a church home. I am really one the fence about this one. I absolutely LOVE God but I struggle with “church”. Some of my biggest hurts have been from the church and that is a hard blow. Do I read my bible….yes I do, daily. Actually its the YouVersion Bible app and I love it. Am I perfect….absolutely NOT! But I know God loves me flaws and all. I continue to grow my relationship with Him daily but I do make many mistakes. I’m a Christian but that doesn’t make me perfect and I’m not one of those “religious” folks that beats people over the head with the bible or judges others for their flaws. I really don’t like dealing with those kind of people because in reality they are just hiding behind religion and not facing their own demons. I’m not judging, but I’m just keeping it real.

Well, I think that’s enough for today, I wish for you a very happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!


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