Human Trafficking Awareness month

When preparing for this article I wanted to be sure that I was continuing to give information that really helped readers understand some personal aspects of Human Trafficking. The effects of this crime for the victim are life changing and the healing process seems to be life-long. I know for most people they ask questions such as “What attracts these girls to these horrible men”, “What makes them stay” and so on and so forth. I was able to have a great example of this with a post that I made on my Facebook page.

This was the post: 

“I push as hard as I do to promote Human Trafficking awareness because it is such a huge problem in our society. Many people still don’t understand the trauma that we’ve gone through and that there are resources are available.”

The following was a response from a concerned mother:

“Yes you do you push very hard at the same time its for people who never experience human trafficking to understand why does a person continue to put themselves in the predicament to get caught up in human trafficking by running away continuously with the same exact people wen they have a great home & they’re receiving great love at home from great parent. That’s why its hard for us including myself to understand the child is getting everything she or he needs at home, so why continue to go out there & get caught up in human trafficking either by choice or force? Its mind boggling for real.”

And here was my response back to her:

“I understand it being mind boggling ….people that get caught up in trafficking generally have an underlying issue that causes them to attract and be attracted to these horrible people!!!! No matter if they come from abundance or lack there is something on the inside they don’t receive and they go on the search to find it and they will do whatever it takes to find it even if it means it will harm them. Low self esteem, lack of either a father or mother, being bullied at school or being made fun of can really mess with someone’s self worth. Those that are strong and confident can’t grasp how they are feeling so they don’t understand but for the person feeling these things it’s their reality!! The trafficker knows just what to say or do to make the victim “feel” like they love them and do what they can to reel them in and BAM they’ve got them hooked and that person will do anything for them no matter the cost.”

Thankfully this mother better understood a little more of the “why” victims get sucked into this crime and have the attraction to these predators. There is a saying that I frequently refer to when talking about such things as Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence. “You attract what you are” and what this means is if a person is hurting and broken they are going to attract others that are hurting and broken. Just like misery loves company, broken attracts broken. This is why it is so important that there be healing for the youth of this generation. They are so broken and hurting so much that they are searching for love in all the wrong places and the traffickers are welcoming them with open arms!

There are so many aspects when it comes to human trafficking. As the month continues I will be sharing more about human trafficking.

Be blessed and remember to be a blessing to someone else,


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