Human Slavery Still Exists

What IS human trafficking you ask? Human Trafficking is modern day form of slavery, widespread throughout the United States today. Trafficking of humans is the second largest criminal industry in the world after drug dealing, and is the fastest growing. Many victims are made to engage in prostitution, pornography or exotic dancing. But trafficking also occurs in forms of labor exploitation, such as domestic servitude or restaurant work, sweatshop factory work or migrant agricultural work.

It is important to remember that vulnerability to human trafficking is spans many areas such as age, socio-economic status, nationality, education-level, or gender. Traffickers will often prey on people that are lacking financially, have an unstable home life, low self-esteem, and/or have had a history of physical, mental and/or sexual abuse. Homeless and runaway youth are also at risk of being approached within 48 hours by a pimp. Pimps and sex traffickers are master manipulators and are very skilled at manipulating victims and maintaining control by use of threats, violence, deception and feigned affection.

It is so important to keep our youth educated about human trafficking. If you know of a youth, whether your own child or a young person that you influence, talk to them about the realities of human trafficking. Make sure you get educated!!! Don’t allow them to go places alone. Check their phones and what they are engaging in on the internet. Know who their friends are….who are they hanging out with? Spend quality time with them, let them know you care and that you love them…..if you don’t, there’s a trafficker out there that will…….

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