Valentines Day…..Is it really Love ❤️ ⁉️

So Valentines Day has come and gone. I would imagine the “lovebirds” were ever so mushy while others were heartbroken, disappointed or lonely. Valentines Day has always been known as a day for love ❤️ but why should love only be celebrated for one day⁉️ What about the other 364 days of the year⁉️ AreContinue reading “Valentines Day…..Is it really Love ❤️ ⁉️

Human Slavery Still Exists

What IS human trafficking you ask? Human Trafficking is modern day form of slavery, widespread throughout the United States today. Trafficking of humans is the second largest criminal industry in the world after drug dealing, and is the fastest growing. Many victims are made to engage in prostitution, pornography or exotic dancing. But trafficking alsoContinue reading “Human Slavery Still Exists”

Human Trafficking Awareness month

When preparing for this article I wanted to be sure that I was continuing to give information that really helped readers understand some personal aspects of Human Trafficking. The effects of this crime for the victim are life changing and the healing process seems to be life-long. I know for most people they ask questionsContinue reading “Human Trafficking Awareness month”

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